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After some 50 years of fishing experience, John Appert has decided to open his riverside fishing facility to a very limited number of fly fisherman. His house is located 6 miles east of Hawley, PA along the Lackawaxen River. Hawley is located on Lake Wallenpaupack and is less than 3 hours from both New York City and Philadelphia.

H ave you ever seen a fisherman casting a fly to a feeding fish? Did you ever think that this could be you? It really is a lot of fun fishing strictly with flies. It can be challenging and are you up to that! But, how can I get started? Now is your opportunity to do it. It's a fact that "80% of the fish caught on flies, are caught by ONLY 20% of the Fly-Fisherman." Now, you can learn to be one of the 20% and have some fun too...

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Fishing on the Lackawaxen River
Conditions Poor To Fair
Water Level Average to High
Water Temp. 35° to 45°F
Fly Hatches Early Black Stonefly, Quill Gordon,
Hendricksons & Blue-winged Olive

With some 50 years of fly-fishing and fly-tying experience, I have taught thousands of people both fly-tying and effective fly-fishing. If you want to get started or even if you have some fly-fishing experience and need some improvement in both casting and fishing techniques - THEN GIVE ME A CALL! In only a few hours, you will be able to cast proficiently enough to catch fish and multiply your enjoyment of the sport. The student will learn how to fish wet flies, streamers, nymphs and dry flies for the following species of fish:Rainbow & Brown Trout, Bass, Pan Fish and even Steelheads. Reading the water, the where and how to fish streams and lakes will all be included as part of your instructions.

NOW AVAILABLE! Custom-built flyrods for both beginners and experts.
Call John for complete details and pricing.

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John's Home Address

John R Appert
116 Appert Road
Hawley, PA 18428
(570) 226-0746 --> mid-April to Nov.
(352) 592-9702 --> Nov. to April

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